Air intake Filter BLOCK OFF Stanley Meyer

Special Note did stan block the ambient air in take off YES !!!!!!!!

He did and restricted it totally and any ambient air that did coming was processed with air intake processor which also stripped off electrons this gave him a huge advantage on the air  mxing in the pre combustion intake manifold.



typical car vacuum pressures 350-600mmhgtake say 400mmhg for manifold pressure this gives boiling point for water at 80degCso heating water with exhaust heat you can get 100% saturated air should not be a problem to go into the EGR Air space. This means car will draw less air in so the air processor should work fine to compensate, but at varying altitude we have the baffles set in such away if it exceeded that they will allow some air in. 




Watch Kevin West Prove this method works

this is time before Map Sensors, air intake temp and pressue sensors) or ERG valve Stand invented this technology, it is all standard on cars today and easily adjusted with aftermarket ecus.


This pictures show the erg exhaust refeed to throttle body(air gate) Gadget man groove has also shown you can make mixing gaing by the air flow and shap of throttle body. this is all standard knowledge now.


Stan was ahead of his time and invented this tech.


this is a simple intake manifold throttle body now standard on all cars,  but at the time stan had to build his own and replace the carby and invent injection that supported erg and mixing controls


this agin is much simplier today and understood by most Drift Racing tuners and Enthusiasts.


Air intake is block with a vacuum operated diaphragm  to stop ambient air entering and ground gas being processed 

Stanley Meyer had Gate  Circuit to control the Gates on the 2  entry points 


  1. Gas Processor 

  2. EGR Exhaust Gas Recycle

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