Stan Meyer EPG Gas to Power Electric Particle Generator 

The Purpose of these pages is for your to quickly see learn and advance further on replicating Stan Meyers  to Assist us getting this open source to market 

As you experiment share your picture and video on you tube 

As a Team we advance fast 

the dates on this  aprox 2005 

and than 2012 there was alot of work done

than recently 2016 , Years are passing we need people working on this 

Above is a photo of one of Stanley's EPG system.  

The EPG system or Electrical Particle Generator is basically a particle accelerator.

The EPG system is something that Stan was working on along with the Water Fuel Cell technology. It is suppose to be able to amplify the incoming signal/power to a much greater amperage / voltage. 


It seems that not many people know that Stan was even working on this system. I have been doing extensive research and development on this system.


Some Important Notes from alot of study 

 After Studying Searl Magnetic SEG 2 things seam very apparent and possible with Stand machines 

I call these Introvert (Stans Way)  and extrovert.( electrons from our side tube) 



The Stan Meyer Invert Method his stated method  of having a magnetic gas move through tube, 

could in fact be improved by have sensitive fer rite pickup inside the tube to make the voltage spikes, further enhancing stand magnetic stimulation of coils on outside of tube.  Some of this was thought of as Searl Using the Gathering and Damming of electron using ferit in his system.


 it could also extract elections from gas inside tube which is not necessary;y same as Stan methods

similar to a Magnetic Flow Meter which would increase sensitivity of a could pickup or magnetic movement of a pick up coil, ( as there seam to be some debate about the copper preventing the magnetic gas making flux in pick up coils coil.


It seams pulsing gas with LED Laser will cause lithium oxygen and h2 to cool and become magnetic. 

Also  of Large Turbine use pure h2 to cool the machines ,gas flows through and cool the steel 

some run the gas through the stators. 

it is total possible that h2 or Magnetic gas compose could impart more electrons into the stator by attracting electron from air.


And Such the Epg Stans Unit will get vert cold when gas flowing as a rate of speed through it 

it will in fact attract electron from air these could be harvested just like searl did. As the Ionising and air will flow to centre of egp.  

Further pulsing with laser  will increase the effect 


Scientists Create First Ever Magnetic Gas

By Stuart Fox September 18, 2009

Article Clipping 

For decades, scientists have debated whether or not gasses could display the same magnetic properties

as solids.  Now, thanks to some MIT scientists, they know the answer is a freezing cold yes.

MIT researchers have observed magnetism in an atomic gas of lithium cooled down to 150 millionths 
of a degree above absolute zero. This experiment represents a point of unification between condensed 
matter research and the field of atomic science and lasers, and could influence areas such as data storage 
and medical diagnostics.

To get the lithium gas so cold, the researchers trained an infrared laser beam on the gaseous cloud. 
Laser cooling is the primary method physicists use to lower gas temperatures to near absolute zero. 
The laser essentially stun the atoms, slowing them down, and thus lowering the temperature.
After initially growing, the cloud began to shrink. That shrinkage, combined with the speed of 
expansion after the laser turned off, indicated that the lithium atoms had become magnetic.
"It's very important from an overall theoretical point of view because it gives us an understanding 
of magnetism at its smallest possible scale," Scott Pritchard, an MIT professor, and one of 
the experiment leaders, told us.

Improving magnetic gas directions or coil sensitivity 
Backup of Video 

This is my Copper EPG i will be using for testing. The wire will be installed next, at a bare minimum there will be close to 2 miles of AWG22 magnet wire on this EPG.   


You can see my first attempt at the EPG using plastic at the end of this page.

Here is some of the progress i have made. The divider plates are installed, next i start the wire winding.


I'm building a wire winder (the wood in the background ) to help wind the 2+ miles of wire... thanks to YouTube user hawk491000 for the idea on the winder!


Update Photo Here: as of 2-8-12


Russ Epg Build Attempt

The Picture Below show the end game System Stan Made 

Top is a HCAT hho no flame can be turned to heat and water  video to right

heat can further go to boiler or steam turbine

Electro Attempting to Make Magnatised Gas Blends
But Which Gas?
I think helium is a good choice. I looked up Helium 3 which is used with MRI machines to scan the inside of lung passage ways. He3 has magnetic properties that can be viewed on the MRI machine.

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