Stanley A Meyer Vic  Matrix 101

Voltage Intensifier Circuit 

In This Section we try to Show Version 5 , 10 and 11 of the Voltage intensifier Circuit

The Main PArts are PWM , Driver  , Switch and Torroid Transformer . 

Stan Wanted to Shorten Cell so he had to raise voltage,  The longer the cell the more gas you get with less voltage.  We Suggest you start and Master Versions 1 ,2,3 and 4 first, before moving to the Version 5, 10 ,11 of Vic.

See Assembly Guide Here. 

Also Stud the Basic before jumping into building these torroid transformer versions

Training Cell Here

The Voltage Intensifier Circuit the VIC 

is partly based on Tesla's Work.

Stan made several versions of the system  aprox 10 versions , see assembly version map  page. 

or ask for the wall poster to be sent 


Electrolysis of water is the decomposition of water into oxygen and hydrogen

gas due to the passage of an electric current.

Wikipedia - Electrolysis YES but that s not what we do Stans is different 

Adding electrolyte would be required for efficient electrolysis of distilled water,

if you did not want to do anything new and wanted to use the old outdated technology of electrolysis  

Making Hydrogen can be done without it.  

Tap water has enough impurities to start electrolysis without adding any additional electrolytes.
But again this is not what we are doing unless you want to use outdated technology

Electrolysis this is statement is old outdated technology 

Wiki is dealing with history not the current state of the art. 
Electrolysis by definition is using electrolytes 


does no work on current not a current load driven system near zero amps or low amps 
and does not have electrolytes to caused load draw. has a gate and 3 rest time to avoid amp draw,
cell is a capacitor and built like one to advance it. 

it is preferred to be double distilled water as the end water fuel  / gas has mor  force which pure
but yes tap water works in voltrolysis and not in electrolysis 
 but not as well due to contaminates and minerals put in it , 


Voltrolysis  works on voltage Stans method is in no way related or close to electrolysis in any form

Just so we are clear. Salts electrolytes ground the  water gas  and static charges in the water tanks and gas this makes the resulting gas implosive. a negative charged water in a bubbler will do same   

Not the gas we are looking for as out dated technology as random mixed implosive hho old tech.. 

Voltrolysis maintains DBD barrier voltage build up in the cell and avoids grounding the water fuel /  gas and tank, 

thus allowing surface tension to build with the + charge and allows a cold process. to aid the saturations of Nano bubbles and explosive gas to bee produced due to electron extraction to + surface this is further aided by electron extract techniques. 

Current State of the art is Voltrolysis no electrolytes. 

Only Fools talk about or continue using electrolysis

(similar to talking about using a dial land line phone when we have smart phones?)

This video explains some of the method,

though we can also call this voltage bounce.


Brad explains this here we know that only dc will make bubbles to have a bounce turning it to ac is not desirable as we want to have a Positive 

 and negative to split the water , Also we need to hold voltage in the cell with the diode to keep the voltage doing work.


If we let the AC bounce over  run the Dc Bias in  system we stop the effect from occurring this is why they had the PLL and carefully placed diodes to control some of the bounce to remain basis dc.


Biased Wave Form DC to Make Hydrogen is required
If you have a Biased AC wave form you will get some hydrogen. 

PLL Adjust for the type of water, not vital for circuit to work.

Stan Also had EC electron extraction after Diode
before cell to reduce bounce and tamp and loop back power released from water bonds.

Basically a LC Tank Circuit

LC Resonance inductor and cell Capacitor
known inductance known capacitance can calculator the resonance target needed to resonant cell with inductor
and can calculate impedance (working resistance) 

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Stanley A Meyer Vic Circuit The Matrix

Exit Plan if you fail on replicating Version 5 ,10 &11

We hope this dose not happen, but if it does it just means you jumped ahead of your own skills too fast ,  Go back a few versions  and start with easier circuits,  From Stanley A Meyer. 

Check the Assembly Guide .  and Modern Circuit Guide 

Since we Are dealign with 1000's of builder over the years we cam up with the ideal exit path from one of the builder who posted this,  Swap out the Torroid to a Bifilar. Choke and run in 0 to 600dc Variac to your switch.


Your Cell will come to life Making Water Fuel Good Luck God Speed. 

VIC modification


Searching in the Ravi VIC circuit,

one great builder found that one of the diodes were badly connected,

He made the following  modification in his schematic,


By doing so he made sure that the capacitor does not discharge and he could use a gated-pulse with a lower activity cycle with the same gas production. 


He managed that with 76ma yes, 76 milliamps gas is produced decently and also the cell remains totally cold, even when leaving it working overnight it did not heat up a bit. Instead the IRFP250 power transistor heated up somewhat like the 1200v 40a diode.

Another observation he made was the following  :

The assembled two-wire coil works much better with a ferrite core that has a small gap between iron in the center of the core.


 This air gap (a portion of approximately 1 mm missing in the center of the "E") stores energy as it does in a flyback core, when the magnetic field collapses generates the high voltage we want in the cell. 


This is a method since when trying another core without iron, it did not get good results.

Well I leave an update of the VIC circuit. Basically this is Version 3 and 4 

The PWM wave is square, 5 pulses in 1 and 5 pulses 0, (5 khz with overlayed 5 khz gate)

the coil is bifilar of 100 turns with a ferrite core, the 3 tubes are connected in series, the frequency goes from 1khz to 40khz, Make a more professional circuits use Stans the 9xa and 9xb circuits 

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